RobotJoel's Star Trek Adventures Resources

This is a simple website to hold all the maps & tokens made for our Star Trek Adventures game. Feel free to use them for your own games as you wish. I post updates to the Star Trek Adventures Reddit as robotjoelwb and you can find me on twitter @robotjoel.

USS Mirzakhani - Norway Class Starship

Bridge - Deck 4 - Includes bridge, conference room, and captain's ready room.

Main Engineering - Deck 4 - Includes 3 story main engineering complex, industrial replicator, and side rooms.

Shuttlebay 1 OR Shuttlebay 1 (with shuttles) - Deck 6 - Includes lare scale shuttlebay with space for 4 shuttles, cargo area, cargo transporter and traffic control room.

Main Sickbay - Deck 8 - Includes main sickbay, surgery rooms, medical lab, CMO office, and transporter room.

The following images are work in progress:

Top Deck - Deck 4 - Includes social area with fountain, resturant, replomat, stage with seating, and holodeck.

Adventure Maps - lower detail

Starfleet Bridge - An Excelsior class starship bridge for an NPC starship, includes conference room and captain's ready room.

Defunct Engineering Area - A starfleet engirneering room turned into a meeting space, includes offline warp core, tables and shares, makeshift walls.

Jungle Structures - A jungle and its coastline, with ruined alien structures and a parked shuttle.

Iconian Gateway Room - Iconian Gateway on a dias in a large circlular room, with makeship equipment dotted around.

Damaged Klingon Station - A small triangluar station with 3 major rooms and a transporter bay, red "cracks" showing the hull breaches.

Undergound Mining Base - A group of rooms leading to a winding cave tunnel that opens up to a larger cavern at the end.

Biodome Station Outer - The outer edge of a biodome station, with a docking port, veiwing room and entrance into the biodome.

Biodome Station Forest - The forest of a biodome station, with 4 zones, river and support pillars.

Biodome Station Engineering - The central portion of a biodome station, with a large engineering room, and smaller side room with windows.

Starship Tokens

Ship Token Preview

Starfleet Norway Class Starship

Starfleet Excelsior Class Starship

Starfleet Danube Class Runabout

Starfleet Experimental Boreal Class Runabout - Based on the large Federation shuttle from Insurresction, sometimes known as the Venture or Talon class.

Starfleet Type 8 Shuttlecraft - TNG Standard.

Starfleet Type 9 Shuttlecraft - VOY Standard.

Starfleet Type 18 Shuttlecraft - DS9 Mini Shuttle.

Klingon Bird of Prey

Romulan D'deridex Warship

Romulan Morrigu Scout Ship - Based on Romulan ship in Nemisis and the Morrigu class from STO.

Ferengii Nandi Starship - Based on the Nandi class from STO.

Small Freighter - Non-specific freighter starship.

Character Tokens

Character Token Preview

Character Tokens - Includes many Starfleet officers of various species, civillians of various species, Romulan officers, and Klingon officers.

Map parts

Map Parts Preview

Map Parts - Right click & save-as, then open in a vector graphics programme!